Apogee jam mac no sound

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Apogee JAM Audio Interface for iPad iPhone and Mac

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  • Apogee JAM Audio Interface for iPad iPhone and Mac?

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It's nice that the Jam has bit converters, but note that GarageBand will reduce the word length to bit. Where the Jam does score over the iRig specifically is signal-to-noise ratio. To be honest, I think that audio quality when recording guitars is a moot point anyway, as the source is fairly lo-fi! One small point against the Jam is that you can't use your guitar at the same time as outputting video from the iPad — the Jam does not function when connected to the dock-connector breakout socket on the Apple AV adaptor — so you'll need to use something like the iRig or AmpKit Link if you require simultaneous video mirroring.

Counterbalancing this criticism is the fact that you can use the Jam with all Macs, while hardware solutions that use the TRRS jack connector can only be used with Macs that have TRRS headphone sockets: Mike Watkinson. As the number of iPad apps for music creation increases, it's inevitable that the number of interfaces will too. The iO Dock from Alesis is designed specifically with the iPad in mind, and the tablet slots into the device easily enough.

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A plastic adaptor is also included to let the iPad 2 work with the iO Dock. The rear panel of the iO Dock hosts most of the inputs and outputs, as well as controls for phantom power and direct monitoring. Although it isn't the most portable device, due to the power requirements, it does unlike many iOS interfaces charge your iPad while it's connected, which is very handy indeed.

Apogee JAM 96k

I assume that the iO Dock's video output is designed to allow images to run at the same time as sound while performing live. During my review time, I didn't find an app that would let me do this, although video playback using YouTube and Safari worked. Do remember that this kind of analogue RCA composite video connection can't carry HD resolutions, so your video output will be less impressive than the display on your beloved pad.

Phantom power is switched globally rather than per input, while another switch allows the balanced-jack monitoring outputs to be switched to direct monitoring of the inputs.

The built-in headphone amp is slightly 'darker' in tone than most, and is specified for headphones that are relatively difficult to drive. Using a pair of very sensitive IEMs, the volume was extremely loud once the knob was rotated sufficiently for the stereo tracking to settle, after the first 20 degrees or so of rotation.

JAM: Setup Archives - Apogee KnowledgeBase

Because of this, an in-line attenuator such as the kind you can buy for airline use may be useful if you use sensitive IEMs for mobile monitoring. The major benefit of the iO Dock is ease of use: With an app like Apple's GarageBand, you simply plug in and go: Similarly, apps like Nanostudio will play nicely with the iO Dock, allowing you to use a nice full-size keyboard with Nanostudio's included soft synth. This is because the app is looking for input from the TRRS headset jack, while the iO Dock connects using the docking port. Do be aware that the app must be compatible with dock connectivity in order to function correctly with the iO Dock.

The quality of the preamps is perfectly acceptable, and just what you'd expect from an interface that's affordably priced but nevertheless provides two preamps. They're relatively clean and honest, and there's no obvious or excessive coloration or distortion, though of course they can't be classed as esoteric.

JAM: Setup

My only real issue with the device is the build material. The iO Dock doesn't feel like it'll fall apart, but it's a bit hollow and weightless. The plastic used is a little light, and the silver parts look and feel kind of cheesy in person. It's what you'd expect for something iOS related at this price, but that's more due to the current 'iOS premium' than the list price and build matching up.

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