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Enhancements Improved UI layout for English localization. Improved localizations. Improved UI layout. Fixes The motion blur is now rendered correctly. Fixed Spanish localization. Fixed labels widths for Related Links.

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Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version Downloads 23, Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Videos Videos. Video Hub. Community Hub. Dynamic abstract sandbox universe. Changes and evolves as you do. All Reviews:.

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Download PC Demo. Includes 25 Steam Achievements. Solar 2 Genre: Indie , Casual Developer: Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. About This Game In most games you see stars in the background, you shoot asteroids or you live on planets. Key features: Why no IPod support? Bought the humble bundle hoping to play this game. What the fuck gives man?

Solar 2 - Space Themed Casual Universe Building Game

Looks fun. Fix it for android. Bought this with the humble bundle.

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Instead of planets, I get nearly invisible rotating black squares. Perhaps the texture resolution is too high for low-end phones.

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Humble Bundle with Android 5 Superlevel. Picked this up last night on Humble Bundle and had tons of fun with it while it worked properly. For whatever reason, though, when I have closed the application and later open it again, I get a black screen with music, then a vague space-y kind of background and the impression that touching the screen makes me move as normal. Still, I think this warrants some more research. Hi Jay! I downloaded this from the humble bundle to my HTC desire c and it seems to be a bit heavy for this device. Any tips to play the game on minimal systems?

Linux Install and Media Setup. Hello In translation strung. The stats are not in the German language version with Translated. Game Review: Solar 2 Ausdroid. Hi, I have problems with solar on Xubuntu After few seconds Solar Crashes with pavel pubuntu2: DrawElements OpenTK. DrawElementsType,intptr at Microsoft.

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DrawIndexedPrimitives Microsoft. PrimitiveType,int,int,int,int,int at Power. Draw Microsoft. SpriteSheet at Power. Matrix at Solar2. SpriteBatch at Solar2. GameTime at Power. GameTime at Microsoft. DoDraw Microsoft. Tick at Microsoft. FrameEventArgs at wrapper delegate-invoke. RaiseUpdateFrame System.

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EventArgs at OpenTK. Run double,double at OpenTK. Run double at Microsoft. RunLoop at Microsoft. Run Microsoft. GameRunBehavior at Microsoft. Run at Solar2. Main string[] at wrapper runtime-invoke. Could not attach to process. No threads. This usually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application.

Nothing has helped. Here is my HW: Display Thinkpad T60 GPU: Intel T 2Ghz dual-core bits. Orbital 2. Thanks dude …. Solar 2- Collect mass to build a badass solar system, then plow into other systems Rehash Last Year. Just have a couple of complaints, not really major complaints, more like minor annoyances.

It would be really great if there was some way to figure out exactly what is happening, for example: I was playing earlier, had a 10 star system with 10 planets, but some of the stars were yellow others blue, why? And then consuming planets seemed to grow the individual stars… I was under the impression that it would be the system that grows, instead I spent an hour a bit more to be honest until all 10 stars were blue, but at that point I ran out of time.

The other thing is… the music is great, but after a couple of hours it starts getting really repetitive, some sort of an option to import my own tracks, or better yet a capability to hear net-radio through the game would be amazing. Other then that, awesome game… one of those endless time eaters, worse then MMOs in that sense. Solar 2 Independent Geeks. The Indie Project days of indie games. Really a great game! Bought it via humble bundle… The only downer: Ever planned to do a Solar 3? There are a lot of great things going on in this game. It makes me think of many possibilities for a future installment.

Just one word.. This game dosent work on my galaxy s4 with android 4. Any chance we can get an official OUYA version? It sideloads and plays great except it is almost impossible to drag anything in the game using the touchpad. I would gladly buy it again if had full controller suport.

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Juggling and Math Lino's blog. I bought the game via humble bundle and considering the amount of hours I have spent playing the game, it was definitely worth the money. Finally I got a website from where I know how to genuinely take valuable information regarding my study and knowledge. I love this concept. Also graphics are great and easy to control. Congrats guys to make a game like this! I want to play it on my mobile phone.

Unfortunately, it does not support Google Play Store. So my question: On this website http: But I could not find an Android version there. Hey, devs! I would love to see that happen! I love the game, and have about 50 hours on steam, and I was wondering, is there any mod support? If there is, could someone point me in the right direction for them?

How does this game should be played. Any help about how to play it? IndieCade Holiday Presale Fidgets2Widgets. Jay Watts you wouldnt want Solar 2 to fall in shambles just because Multiplayer not being in it, i mean so much demand! Skip to content. Planetary Space Battles James says: November 11, at 2: Wills says: June 18, at June 21, at July 4, at 3: Yeah you have to get a planet in your system to turn into a star by absorbing asteroids.

Anonymous says: December 30, at 7: March 16, at Andres says: December 26, at Slug says: January 9, at Foehamme says: February 5, at 8: CDR Mikhail says: July 15, at 7: January 31, at 9: January 22, at Jack says: December 30, at 8: Solonymous says: May 22, at 4: June 12, at 8: Brian Rubin says: June 18, at 6: Evan says: June 18, at 8: Jay Watts says: SealedSun says: June 19, at 1: Downloaded the demo today on Steam. Bought it immediately. June 19, at 9: Initial Solar 2 Reaction says: March 8, at I will try this again, but it seems the tutorial is unfinished and rushed.

I see big potential. June 19, at I bought this at steam after playing the demo for about 45 minutes. Brutos says: June 25, at July 3, at 6: June 19, at 5: Bruno Silva says: June 21, at 2: I bought your game on Steam, and i like it very much. Very relaxing.. Really good God-game. If you search any composer for the futur, i propose myself, lol!!! June 20, at 4: Rttn says: June 20, at 8: June 21, at 4: Godwin says: June 21, at 8: Cypo says: Arcegis says: June 22, at Dz2 says: June 22, at 1: No idea. John says: July 5, at 2: RTiger says: November 6, at 3: Try six stars, and I am working on seven.

Alexander says: June 23, at 7: Jeff says: Thanks for your work on a great and unique game. June 23, at June 23, at 6: June 23, at 8: June 24, at 6: June 23, at 9: Ben says: David says: HonoluluBoy says: June 24, at 3: I love it! Very good job. Keep up the good work. June 24, at 7: Taverius says: June 24, at 9: Bought it yesterday night, enjoying it immensely!

Brandon says: Stian aka MischieF says: June 26, at 3: June 26, at 1: June 26, at 5: June 26, at 6: June 26, at June 27, at Matt Stephans says: June 27, at 9: Ok, respawned as asteroid. A note about that on missions start would help out others, I imagine. Carlos says: April 26, at 2: June 27, at 2: June 28, at 1: Ian says: June 29, at 5: Thank you. June 29, at 4: Eric says: June 29, at 2: June 30, at 6: July 1, at 9: August 22, at 9: TheBlackParrot says: July 1, at 7: Deserted Panda says: I love this game! Thanks for a great game!

July 1, at Sorry for my english. July 1, at 2: Ace says: July 2, at 4: Remmelt says: July 2, at 5: Not to forget: Wisp says: July 2, at 7: Jibba says: July 3, at July 4, at Xethaios says: March 24, at 7: Roy says: July 4, at 7: Martin says: July 4, at 8: Kuun-Lann says: July 5, at 9: I just discovered your game. It seems to be a very good game. Lots of my friends love the game and we want to play together! July 6, at 7: Ed says: July 6, at 3: Love the game, esp. Please keep developing this game — so much potential for Solar 3 and beyond!!!

Esepcially, please do gas giants with rings: Kyle says: July 9, at 1: Not a big deal though Anyways, fantastic game. Zaggeh says: Keith Sibson says: July 9, at Xbox live update is online!! Awesome, I grown my solar system to 27 stars for the moment. July 10, at July 10, at 7: July 11, at July 13, at 2: Any idea how you become that thingy just next to black hole? I just cannot figure it out: July 18, at 9: July 19, at 1: July 19, at November 2, at 9: Sanovskiy says: January 13, at 6: Anon says: Cheers for the quick answer Jay. Michael says: July 20, at 1: Roland says: July 21, at 4: Thomas says: July 31, at Pete says: August 11, at August 30, at 3:

solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free
solar 2 mac download free Solar 2 mac download free

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