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The Interview Process

To save you guys all the time and effort I went through, here is what I put together:. Honestly, the notes I am copying off for this blog post, are the notes I had in front of me during the telephone interview. I was shaking like a leaf throughout the call and was told I would have to wait a week to find out whether I had made it through to the next stage….

One week later, I got a phone call from Nick. Nick is the most wonderful man and he can often be seen over at the Met Quarter free-standing store in Liverpool. Nick is the Regional Manager for where I used to live up north, covering areas such as Liverpool and Chester. He invited me along for the next stage of the interview process: The Verbal Interview. I decided to go into the store and have a look around and get used to where everything was.

Luckily, I knew a girl from school who worked at the store and I began to pester her for advice. Charlotte, in the MetQuarter store, is an absolute sweetheart and if you ever go into Liverpool she is the girl to go to. Having recently moved back from Mallorca, the next thing on my list was to find something black to wear. I owned nothing black, well, nothing suitable for an interview.

Styling is key to M. You want to dress to represent your personality, express your own individual style. Of course, everything must be black — from head to toe. Jewellery can be black, gold, silver or of natural sources — wood? Hair and make-up naturally need to demonstrate your skill and flair. I would recommend making the most of your favourite features, maybe your eyes, bone structure, lips, or even all 3! C, not like you have been dragged across their counters.

I did want to wear my hair down, big and curly, but I simply had no time. I was running late on account to my nerves. What questions could you be asked? Here is my list that I put together whilst prepping for the interview:. I felt my interview went really well and I walked out of there feeling confident in my answers.

This will be the same for you if you are passionate about make-up, have a degree of talent and do your homework! I had to wait 2 whole weeks to find out whether I got through to the dreaded make-up test. Nick rang me again, and said they had loved me and wanted to get me in for a make-up test. I had a week to find a model and prepare myself. One model, one shaky make-up artist — that would be me and 45 minutes later, my make-up test was done.

I simply got given a face chart to replicate, a time allowance of 30 minutes to do the face, with an extra five minutes prior to beginning the look to collect any products I needed. The trainer, being super gorgeous, Zara, was very intimidating, not only that, I had to do my make-up test in front of every one already working at the store, with Zara watching my every move. Zara prepped all the make-up I had chosen — M. C have a very specific way of cleaning make-up, everything needs to be sharpened, wiped, sterilised and wiped again.

Luckily, Zara took this stress away from me. I had never felt pressure like it. I had to pretend my friend was a customer, which was a challenge in itself, and my hands were shaking so much that I completely messed up the make-up. I got way more negative feedback than positive and I felt like I had royally screwed up.

I then walked out looking like a miserable old git.

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She offered me the job, and I was over the moon. Amanda, if you happen to read this, you will never know how happy you made me that day. I will talk more about Amanda and the beautiful team of girls I had the pleasure of working with over the Christmas period in my next post. I think it is just as important knowing how to be a part of a new team and to fit in, as it is securing the job in the first place.

The website I found most helpful whilst prepping for my interviews was Specktra. They have a history of promoting bold styles of makeup and treating the practice as a form of art - which is why so many aspiring makeup artists flock to MAC stores. MAC artists soon find that it's impossible to give their full attention to each customer who comes in for a consultation, especially because they can't risk letting a customer leave a consult without buying product.

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  6. Yearly job cuts target employees who have trouble meeting their sales goals. If an artist, no matter how talented, wants to keep working at MAC, he or she has to make sales. Starting out at a MAC counter as a freelance makeup consultant or artist means that it's going to be almost impossible to get promoted to a management position, no matter how many hours you put in or how long you've been with the company. Former employees posted on Reddit, Glassdoor and Indeed about how they enjoyed working at MAC but eventually had to quit because they couldn't advance past an entry-level position.

    MAC has rigid sales goals for each individual employee. There aren't many rewards for exceeding your sales goal, but there are tons of penalties for not moving enough MAC products. Failing to sell enough makeup can lead to an employee's hours being cut. At the end of each year, employees with low sales get laid off.


    It's a constant hustle to make the grade. Complaints both by former employees and current customers indicate a slow decline in the quality of service at MAC counters. No wonder: A makeup artist applying to work at a MAC counter used to go through a rigorous interview where he or she had to create several looks on the spot using a selection of products chosen by the interviewer.

    Getting a job with M.A.C Cosmetics | Pt.1 The Interview Process - Zoe Newlove

    People who went through the process report that it was completely nerve-wracking, but given MAC's reputation for excellence, entirely expected. More recently, however, the focus has shifted from quality to quantity of sales. Now, according to Glassdoor, less than half of interviews are conducted in person. Many current employees, especially at Macy's MAC counters, are hired after an online interview. One complaint that we've been seeing from former MAC employees is that there are not enough staff to serve all the customers.

    On weekends and during special events, one MAC counter workers reports not being able to move through the store because the crowds were so bad. Forget doing a good job on a consult in those circumstances; you're lucky to make it through the day.

    Artist advice

    What makes it worse is that MAC mainly hires part-time employees who report that their hours get cut constantly. A new hire rarely has enough time in their first few weeks to figure out how the store works before being thrown into a crowded event where they and another coworker are the only two people fielding ten different customer queries. MAC stores often host major events on the weekends, designed to promote new makeup lines to their devoted customers. Unfortunately, if a customer comes in asking for a look that isn't included in the event, they're out of luck.

    MAC artists have specific sales goals for each event and they have to get their clients to buy the promoted products. This can lead to disaster when the foundation, bronzer and blush offered at an event is only suited to a certain skin tone. Promoting a new makeup line every week brings in cash, but it hurts the regular clientele - and employee performance.


    The entry-level position at a MAC store is a freelance contract where the employee is "on call. One former MAC employee was on call for two and a half years but never actually got called in! She ended up defecting to Sephora, because there she at least got to work and be paid for well-defined hours.

    Being a freelance contractor on call also means that you're not going to get any benefits. On-call employees usually end up having to take another job to make ends meet, but they still need to be able to drop everything the second MAC calls. Makeup artists may envision a job at a MAC counter as a career-making opportunity, but in reality, it's a lot closer to working at a department store than the company would care to admit.

    Between the lack of mobility, high-maintenance customers and emphasis on meeting rigid sales goals, it's hard to see where someone new to the makeup industry could advance their career at a MAC store. The reputation they've been building over the years continues to draw new, talented job applicants, but if they keep failing to live up to expectations, it's likely that the quality of their employees will deteriorate some say it already has.

    Will MAC change their practices? Or will they continue to pursue profits at the expense of their core philosophy?

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    getting a job at mac makeup Getting a job at mac makeup
    getting a job at mac makeup Getting a job at mac makeup
    getting a job at mac makeup Getting a job at mac makeup
    getting a job at mac makeup Getting a job at mac makeup
    getting a job at mac makeup Getting a job at mac makeup

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