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Garageband is a free application developed by Apple for its line of Mac computers, as well as their mobile devices. Available as a stock app, Garageband is a DAW digital audio workstation designed to help musicians record and mix music. The program offers users many of the same features as professional audio tools, such as Pro Tools, yet is simple enough for even beginners to understand and control. Whatever instrument you play, it can help create quality recordings and demos.

Top Alternatives to GarageBand for Mac. GarageBand Free Multimedia Record and mix your own music for free Garageband is a free application developed by Apple for its line of Mac computers, as well as their mobile devices. Reason 6. Download Alternatives to Reason.

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Wunderlist free has long been our favorite to-do app for Mac and the introduction of Reminders with Mavericks hasn't really changed anything. Wunderlist syncs across all your devices, lets you share and collaborate on lists, add notes to list items, use tags to add context, and more. It's basically Reminders supercharged, and it does a fantastic job at that. The only real complaint we have about Quicktime is the lack of built-in codecs for playing videos. Heck, you can't even play most AVI files. Sure, you could go around searching for special codecs with something like Perian to install in Quicktime, or you could just download VLC.

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So, for a more all-inclusive solution, we like VLC free. It'll play just about any video format you throw at it, customize subtitles, and even play some of those weirder audio formats you might have sitting around. MPlayerX free. As you'd expect from Apple, they're supposed to be stripped down, easy to use apps that anyone can jump in and get to working with right away. Keynote's not too bad for making slideshows, but both Numbers and Pages seems to hold you back from actually finishing your projects.

Music Production on Windows Is Possible

Thankfully, you have a lot of choices in this arena. The most obvious is Google's version of a productivity suite, Google Docs free. It has autosaving to the cloud, basic editing features, and gets the job most of us need done without a lot of clutter. If you need a real office suite, you'll want to go for LibreOffice or the full Microsoft Office, but if you just need a quick place to jot down some simple stuff, Google Docs is a bit more stable and easier to use than iWork.

The A. Thorin Klosowski. Filed to: Crapware Filed to: Share This Story. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. On top of this, live recording is also possible making this a real direct competitor to GarageBand. The caveat is that the home edition is limited to just 16 tracks and a reduced set of instruments and samples.

Best Free Audio Editing Software (Free Audio Recording Software for PC, Mac and Linux)

Mixcraft 8 Home is perfect for musicians just starting out, though the reduced feature set might be something you outgrow in time. While there are certainly plenty of musicians who use GarageBand as a tool, many users enjoy the software as a fun way to play around with music. These iOS music production apps let you create tunes anywhere. Read More.

The workflow begins by selecting loops by genre, before transferring them into an arrangement to create a song. BPM and volume levels can be tweaked on the fly, and FX applied as you see fit. Compared to others on this list, the app is limited in what you can do. More a fun way to share music with friends than a fully fledged DAW, it has some unique features aimed at casual musicians.

The ability to record vocal tracks over quickly built loops make it perfect for budding MCs and singers. Star DJs and musicians contribute sound packs to the app, along with stems from popular tunes for users to remix. Winners of remix competitions and trending songs feature on the official Music Maker Jam YouTube channel. They help you record, remix, tune, and more. Read More alongside Mac and Windows programs. Stagelight takes a slightly different approach to digital music production than other similar packages, with a focus on the interface typically known as a live mode.

The drum machine and instruments are cut back basic versions, and you get fewer effects and presets overall.

The Best Free Recording Software for Windows and MacOS | Digital Trends

Stagelight brings a unique way of working to the table, and the free version will be more than enough for many users. Stagelight Free, with Paid Upgrades. Now in its 20th year, FL Studio is one of the most widely used digital audio workstations available.

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FL-Studio is easy to pick up and trusted by thousands and is likely the best value product you are going to find at this price. Complex production software that works particularly well with live instrumentation. There are plenty of apps and programs out there that attempt to make music creation approachable for anyone.

Don't spend hundreds on Pro Tools or Logic. Try one of these free alternatives

But the highest levels of production require complex software. Reaper is a package that gives the expert user a lot of options.

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  4. A certain level of knowledge is assumed when you open up the program. The advantage that Reaper has over the big names in the field of digital audio workstations is its price. While Reaper has an impressive library of VST effects, they require a high level of skill to use. This tutorial will show you how to use GarageBand.

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