Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005

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Has Apple heard our pleas for a lower-cost modular Mac? The single processor 1.

Trick to Apple Mac Pro G5 Teardown, Disassembly and Diagnostics

Points of comparison:. In terms of performance, the 1. Macworld also compared performance of this single CPU 1. Reliability ratings are based on statistics compiled by MacInTouch in June , at which time the dual-core Power Mac G5 models had only been on the market for 8 months. Letter grades are based on failure rate: We also note the two components that failed most often. In each generation, except for the final dual-core one, the fastest model is the least reliable, while the second-fastest is the most reliable. Logicboards are the most expensive component to repair, followed by the power supply.

Hard drives, optical drives, video cards, and RAM can be replaced inexpensively using third-party components. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Points of comparison: The Power Mac has three PCI slots and room for additional internal hard drives; this expansion is lacking in the iMac.

Details introduced Geekbench 2 Leopard: M PRAM battery: Best online prices for System 6, 7. Best Mac OS X Best online prices for Mac OS X Which version of Mac OS X is best for your hardware depends on several factors. We run several benchmark tests from the Classic Mac OS era on a dual 2. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

Also, a look at SeaMonkey 2 and Camino 1. Mac OS X The recently deceased iBook G4 was going to take up desktop duty. Lead-free solder has nothing to do with bad capacitors, which are as often as not the problem in Macs. I have hard drives and computers made with lead free solder that have worked perfectly for years -- we have, I think, every second generation of Mac at this house, and have yet to find a hardware failure on anything but the internal mic cable on a Macbook Pro. But bad caps are another story, and it has nothing to do with Apple changing their quality policy.

Apple Power Mac G5 Quad 2 5 Dual 2 0 2 3 Ghz Service Repair Manual

I used to work on Mac Plus and SE motherboards -- I was always replacing capacitors I was fixing computers part-time while in grad school. Apple didn't use the best available, but to be fair, nobody did. Their track record was then, and still is, the best out there, as far as I know. Oh, and I resoldered an awful lot of those analog-to-digital-board cables At least they moved the vibrating parts onto their own board.

It's very, very hard to make a complex device that will consistently last a real world five to ten years, consistently, across millions of units. I don't think Apple's lowered their quality standards, though. And for the record, it wasn't much easier to crack a Mac Plus the first time, than to crack a Mac Mini the first time. The G5 is the latest and best computer that will run the Classic sub-OS. Some of my favorite apps run only under Mac OS 9. Upgraded, but it certainly isn't a G5! Apple's capacitor problems, and Dell's, HP's, and Samsung's, to name a few, largely originate in the botched industrial espionage case a decade ago.

The capacitors manufactured with the bad electrolyte solution are still showing up.

Power Mac G5 Dual (Late ) | Low End Mac

I would not be surprised if it takes another ten years before they are all gone. Most recently they have been showing up in HDTVs. I bought a Western Digital g MyBook in to use in storing music and current video projects. After 3 and a half years it failed. Further examination shows that the disc platters are spinning up, but the arm is moving back and forth and not reading any data.

I have never seen this kind of failure before, so I will keep you posted on whether it can be repaired or recovered.

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There were some instructions unique to the G5 ship that aren't translated by Rosetta, but I can't think of any apps that required a G5. Along with a lot of other claimed complications, they claim my firmware is damaged. With the platters spinning up, that doesn't make sense.

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On one level this is the normal cost. However any way I look at this will not justify this price to recovering what's on the drive. There must be a better and more reasonable price to achieve this. I will even talk to Apple. To test their point, I will drop another drive in the external shell and see if this problem is repeated. I will also talk to Western Digital Comment on this posting Steven Klein wrote: OK, I stand corrected. Anyway, I will keep my 2. Manuel wants to know if the power supply in a Power Mac G5 quad 2. The quad 2.

So yes, you can swap the higher-capacity power supply in for the lower-capacity power supply. But you can't do it the other way. However, I have not verified that the voltages supplied at the connector pins are the same. Maybe welovemacs. Previous PowerMac G5 power supplies have a different connection scheme closer to "normal", whatever that is , and it's not possible to interchange the late with any other power supply.

My gut reaction would be no, as the Quad core G5 requires a special power cord. Manuel, wouldn't it just be easier to pick up a new G5 tower? I have a whole pile of the things I don't know what to do with. Since they're so heavy, shipping is the biggest obstacle. You may be able to find someone else nearby with the same problem " a tower of old towers, as it were. Would someone help me with written instructions on how to replace a power supply on a pre-Intel G5 tower computer?

It would be greatly appreciated! David Wilkinson wrote: Here's their full set of PowerMac G5 repair guides: Note, however, that in order to do so, you need to remove the processors. It doesn't appear to be too hard, but there are several places where you have to be careful to avoid causing damage. Note also that to remove the processors, you need a long-handled allen wrench, which iFixit does not have listed for sale. A Torx might work, but they warn that you could strip your tool or the screws if you try.

Here's one that worked for me a few years ago: David Wilkinson Would someone help me with written instructions on how to replace a power supply on a pre-Intel G5 tower computer? Do you already have a replacement power supply? If not, you might want to consider a different approach, depending on the cost of the power supply and how much of a pain it is to replace it yourself. A few years ago, the power supply in my MDD G went bad. I looked for replacement power supplies from various sources, including eBay, and discovered that I could get an entire MDD 1. I opted for that, and just shifted my drives, etc.

I had replaced the power supply in the a few months after getting it, installing the quiet replacement model that Apple offered for a while. While it was not particularly complicated, it was not fun. I know some folks are interested in keeping the old systems going, for various good reasons. I have a dual-G5 liquid-cooled that I retired some years ago - and it's not doing me any good sitting in my basement. It was running fine, but a year ago a friend tried to start it, and it just would not. At all. I am sure the motherboard battery was flat and wonder if that caused the no-start?

I'm not sure what else might possibly fail while title disconnected. Anyhow, this machine is available for anyone who'd like it. Because of its weight, my guess is that only people in the D. David Wilkinson wants to replace the power supply in his Power Mac G5.

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Here are the illustrated instructions for doing so: David Charlap wrote: My first Power Mac G5 air cooled had kernel panics out of the box. Apple sent a contract repair person to my house to repair it. A couple of notes: The cooling fins can easily slice knuckles.

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Dried blood on the fins will reduce their efficiency. The repair was not a good experience. I began sweating when the tech said "So this is a G5! Apple had sent one replacement processor, not both. How was that supposed to work? Then it got even worse. The tech stripped the processor mounting screws by using the wrong bit. I thought they were a very small Phillips, but I may be forgetting. I called Apple the next day, demanded, and got, a full replacement G5. It was perfect out of the box and remained so until it was so old I gave it away.

G5 tower power supply replacement: Yes, the processor s must be removed. Another consideration is that if there are two CPUs, they must be replaced into their original positions, or a separate thermal calibration procedure must be run using Apple diagnostic software. No need to do all that work. Just come out to Wyoming for a ski vacation, and, while here, take away one or two or a dozen G5s that are taking up room in my garage.

Sterett Prevost wrote: Unless you try to remove the processors from the cooler which is not necessary to replace the power supply , they should go back in the same location they came from. Looking at the various repair guides, it would appear that the processors and cooler may not even be separable from each other at all. Peter Lovell's note: If you're thinking of reusing your old G5 Mac then replacing the PRAM battery should fix the start up issue you mentioned, and if you still want to find it a good home, I'll pay the UPS or FedEX shipping here if you can't find a good home for it locally.

Thanks to Mr. Ford for this very useful and daily visited site. Here are the easiest instructions to solve your problem: Go to ebay and search for Apple Mac G5. David Charlap said: Its cooling setup is totally different than the iFixit guide. For this model, the processors are separable and each has its own separable heat sink. I've always liked the look of the aluminum towers. This one was in a building that had a fire; it has a lot greasy smoke stains inside. Given its condition, it wasn't worth the effort to save this piece of history, especially since Colleen Thompson has a garage full of them.

I haven't decided if I'll leave the case open or not. I'll have to see what it looks like gutted and cleaned up. Liquid-cooled G5s are known for various failures due to coolant leakage. In my case early 2. I overhauled the cooling system and cleaned the CPU boards in I documented my work and Mike of "xlr8yourmac. The overhaul only applied to my particular G5 with Delphi cooling system, but it might be of some interest to someone. Article is here.

Thanks to Peter, the G5 has a new home. The PRAM battery isn't the only issue, but it's slowly getting fixed. Thanks again! The power supplies differ among the various versions of the Power Mac G5, so it may not be good enough to search for instructions or power supplies for a Power Mac G5. To get an exact match you may need to specify the chip details, such as dual 1.

apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005
apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005
apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005
apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005
apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005
apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005 Apple service diagnostic power mac g5 late 2005

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