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How to get fit after 40

This done often enough or with insufficient rest can result in damage to the muscles.

Apple Watch sensors are capable of measuring blood oxygen

He introduced us to a training method called "long slow steady state". This method of training really improved aerobic capacity. Upon starting, our average training speeds were far slower than what we were used to 4: This, however, improved so drastically that within 6 months we were at the same speeds at bpm as before 4: This meant that we were burning fat far more effectively than before.

We were able to hold average training speeds at to bpm that the previous year would have been closer to or bpm!


Heart Rate Training Zones

Obviously, this is far more efficient training. Other important benefits included fewer injuries, less burnout and more focus during training. After following this pattern for another 6 months, we started building anaerobic training back into our program. On top of a solid aerobic base, the improvements in sustained top end speed were notable compared to previous years.

Since then, we have adopted using the Karvonen method to establish heart rate training zone. This considers the resting heart rate HR rest and is hence more applicable to trained athletes. For practical application purposes, there is a formula that will help determine one's maximum aerobic heart rate. This heart rate is the maximum heart rate one should go and still be able to recover steadily on a day to day basis, whilst maximising aerobic improvement and heart muscle strength.

The formula is as follows as adapted from Mark Allen, world champion triathlete and sports coach. The number that is left is the maximum heart rate that the majority of aerobic training should be done at. Eventually, steady-state training will plateau, and one will need to start including interval training into the program to optimise the top end. This type of training should be appropriately periodised into the pre-competition phase of the training schedule.

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The duration of work should last 20 to 30 minutes and should increase weekly within the time limit until the intensity can be increased to a higher percentage of the maximum heart rate HR max using the Karvonen method. For example:. The closer to an athletic peak one becomes, the more their anaerobic threshold will improve. Therefore, the more years of consistent training an athlete strings together, the higher their maximum aerobic heart rate will go, hence allowing them to work harder, but more aerobically for longer. Tony Paladin is a qualified personal fitness trainer, spinning instructor and rowing coach.

Brian Mackenzie explains the benefits of training in prescribed heart rate training zones and how to determine your heart rate training zone values. Within each training zone, subtle physiological effects take place to enhance your fitness. Training within this zone develops basic endurance and aerobic capacity.

Maximum Heart Rate

Another advantage to running in this zone is that while you are happily fat burning you may lose weight and you will be allowing your muscles to re-energise with glycogen, which has been expended during those faster-paced work-outs. Check out the Fat burning zone page.

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Training in this zone will develop your cardiovascular system. The body's ability to transport oxygen to, and carbon dioxide away from, the working muscles can be developed and improved. Training in this zone will develop your lactic acid system. In this zone your individual anaerobic threshold is found - sometimes referred to the point of deflection POD.

The heart rate monitor - an athlete's best friend

During these heart rates, the amount of fat being utilised as the main source of energy is greatly reduced and glycogen stored in the muscle is predominantly used. One of the by-products of burning this glycogen, is the runners worst enemy, lactic acid. There is a point at which the body can no longer remove the lactic acid from the working muscles quickly enough.

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  • The HeartMonitor app tracks your heart rate continuously without starting an active workout!

This happens at an individual heart rate for us all and is accompanied by a rapid rise in heart rate and a slowing of your running pace. This is your anaerobic threshold or POD.

heart rate monitor brain mac Heart rate monitor brain mac
heart rate monitor brain mac Heart rate monitor brain mac
heart rate monitor brain mac Heart rate monitor brain mac
heart rate monitor brain mac Heart rate monitor brain mac
heart rate monitor brain mac Heart rate monitor brain mac

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